Journal #9 for 2019

FBA Goal

I was feeling bummed about the lack of progress so I decided to re-watch a few lessons on product selection today while we were relaxing. This got me fired up again…

…and I know I really shouldn’t have moved forward since I have still not found my product opportunities, but I accidentally watched Module 2 and Module 3.

  • Earned: Completed Module 2 badge.
  • Earned: Completed Module 3 badge.

I was feeling extra stoked about the whole FBA plan and goal after watching these next two modules. I just have to make it through the tedious and frustrating product selection step.

Other Progress

Megan and I talked about her Miracle Mornings book and we listened to some of that today. I’d like us to implement some of this into our routine and I think she plans to as well. She did really well using this when we lived in Hawaii.

Journal #8 for 2019

Turned 40 today.

I didn’t want to do much other than relax and reflect. We went to Hooters and Megan accidentally had them sing to me.

But then we went to the Beach Bar and had a few drinks and chatted. We discussed what my goals were for the next 10 years:

  • Get in shape and stay in shape.
  • Be successful with FBA. Whatever it takes. Never give up.
  • Bare minimum of 250k/year.
  • Move to Florida.
  • Buy a house on the beach (within 5 minutes walking distance).
  • Buy a Boat.
  • Buy a Tesla.

Journal #2 for 2019

FBA Goal

We are packing and preparing for our vacation so progress on ASM is unfortunately halted for a few days. I’m taking the laptop and hope to make a bit of progress while we are there when we have down time, as I’m sure we will.

I’ve watched the Module 1 lessons on product selection several times now to wrap my head around the whole thing and make sure I’m not missing anything.

I’ve got all the PDFs they provided downloaded and printed for reference. Of all the steps to making the FBA dream a reality, the production selection will be the hardest for me. I struggle with doing tedious repetitive tasks.

Other Progress

Have been fighting a sinus infection for over three weeks now, despite having been on antibiotics for the last week. Went in to the dentist to see if there was something going on with a tooth socket from a pulled tooth earlier in 2018.

He gave me a different type of antibiotic which will hopefully help since we’re leaving for our vacation to Destin, Florida tomorrow.

Journal #365 for 2018

Continued watching ASM lessons this morning. We had plans for the evening since it was New Year’s eve, so I wanted to get as far as I could in the morning/afternoon.

  • Earned: Signed up Manage By Stats badge.
  • Earned: Completed Module 1 badge.
  • Earned: Online Professional badge.

Special Event

We went to the Dallas Stars game for New Year’s Eve tonight. They lost in OT.