Journal #38 for 2019

Working on Alexa — specifically using the DynamoDB. Having a hard time deciding what project to full push because some seem too simple and others seem too complex. The Database stuff is starting to make more sense. Some aspects of it seem extra simple; but other parts of it are confusing me the more I […]

Journal #31 for 2019

FBA Goals Today there was no progress. Other Progress I found out yesterday that the work project I was sidetracked with will only last 4-6 weeks max. This derailed my past weeks worth of work on the web scraping tool that I was building to help ease the tediousness of that project. I’m going to […]

Journal #18 for 2019

FBA Goal Watched the first few lessons in Module 2 to refresh my understanding. I have 4 products that I can work with from my original list, which I am afraid will not end up being my final choice but I think going through the process will be good either way. Earned: Opportunity Finder badge. […]