Journal #38 for 2019

Working on Alexa — specifically using the DynamoDB. Having a hard time deciding what project to full push because some seem too simple and others seem too complex.

The Database stuff is starting to make more sense. Some aspects of it seem extra simple; but other parts of it are confusing me the more I read about them.

I need to move on and make what I can work so for future reference, remember:

Journal #33 for 2019

FBA Goals

Started looking into manufacturers for the first list of items I found. A couple of them turned out to be problematic because of cost. One of them I realized was patented and I had missed that during my initial search.

There was one that might be a potential to move forward with but I need to do a bit more research to see how viable it is because I couldn’t find an exact match for the style of product.

Other Progress

Worked more on learning DynamoDB.

Journal #31 for 2019

FBA Goals

Today there was no progress.

Other Progress

I found out yesterday that the work project I was sidetracked with will only last 4-6 weeks max. This derailed my past weeks worth of work on the web scraping tool that I was building to help ease the tediousness of that project.

I’m going to refocus my energy back to the Alexa development and on FBA.

I did learn some good knowledge while working on the web scraping tool, so no major harm. I mostly need to get back on track with FBA momentum.

Journal #30 for 2019

FBA Goals

I’ve been pulled away too much with working on some programming projects and my focus has been on that stuff.

I did help Megan learn to search for products and have had a refresher course with her so she has gone through another couple of categories and will be helping me get a list of Primary Products to run through the next phases. Our collective plan is to go through quite a few of these categories so we will have tons of backup products to launch quickly once we get something rolling.

Life Happens

I’ve slacked off on getting my journal post updated and I don’t want to go back and pretend that I did them. For the last ten days, I’ve been sidetracked with a couple of things, late into the day and have simply not been dedicated enough to put everything down into this journal each day. From now on, I need to at least make a habit of writing down what I did quickly on a note pad by the bed and then I can update the website version the next morning. Here is what I’ve been focused on over the missing days:

  • Working on a web scraper tool for a project at work (see more information below)
  • Learning to develop for Alexa

Other Progress

  • I’ve edited and published a total of 15 blog posts for Megan’s blog as of today.
  • I’ve been learning more about running an Express/Node.js server to grab information for a work related project I was tasked with doing. I just learned today that the project will not continue for more than a month so I may abandon this particular project and refocus my programming energy on a few other things.
  • Megan and I have discussed creating an Ellie and Eli Alexa game, which she seems interested in doing.

Journal #21 for 2019

FBA Goal

Today I showed Megan how to do the steps for product selection. We went over choosing a Primary Product and a Competing Product in the Pet Supplies category. She has a list of 18 or so items and she is working through narrowing it down.

Other Progress

  • Worked on learning Alexa development more.
  • Having trouble with the CLI (getting PATH errors, so I think I have a permissions problem on my machine)
  • Developing with the CLI seems to be needed for some of the more advanced features such as using lists and things. I could be totally wrong but all the tutorials I have found use this and it seems to be necessary to understand.

Dream #18 for 2019

Awkward Guitar

I had a dream that Papa handed me a strange guitar with an angled head stock with different length strings which was oddly tuned. When I tried to play the guitar it distorted my hands and fingers almost against my will to reach each string. I couldn’t play any normal chords, but eventually it felt like I started to get the hang of it enough to strum basic things.

It felt very unnatural.